Crocodile drags the mother and baby along

KAGADI – A mother and her five-month-old baby in Uganda on the tragic way of life come with an attack by a crocodile. The 40-year-old woman took with her baby on her arm, water from the lake, and had the crocodile on the head seen.

Eyewitnesses saw it happen, but were powerless. That report in the local media. The crocodile disappeared quickly to the victims under water. The incident happened on Friday, but is only now becoming known. The Albertmeer, which is about 30 kilometres long, located between Uganda and Congo. The victims were part of a family with four children.

According to local authorities the attacks of crocodiles more frequently if the fish stock in the lakes is low. The beasts move their hunting grounds. Recently was in the area was a large crocodile caught that multiple victims would have made. The beast is released again in a different, more secluded area.

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