American diplomats in Cuba a victim of microwaves?

The thirty diplomats at the American embassy in Havana that last year, suddenly the burden got of hearing loss, dizziness and insomnia, would be bombarded with microwaves. That says, the scientist who is leading the investigation into the unexplained health problems.

American diplomats in the communist Cuba received between late 2016 and mid-2017, suddenly, a string of unexplained health problems, ranging from hearing loss, dizziness and insomnia to chronic fatigue and banging headache.

The United States took then a lot of diplomatic personnel back from Havana, and asking an investigation. Initially it was stated that the victims were hit by a ‘geluidsaanval’. According to neurologists was, however, difficult to reconcile with the (slight) brain damage that some of the victims climbed.

Douglas Smith, director of the Center for Brain Injury and Repair at the University of Pennsylvania, under whose direction 21 of the victims were examined, suggests in an interview with The New York Times now that the diplomats are bombarded with weapons which microwaves radiate. “In the beginning we were with z’n all to be very skeptical about that reasoning, but now everyone agrees that we are in right direction to the search,” says Smith. Also his team found that the diplomats brain damage occurred.

Discovered in 1960

According to The New York Times discovered the American scientist Allan Frey in 1960 that microwaves to our brain can be fooled, so we hear, as if they were ordinary sound waves. That discovery led, in the sixties and seventies, even to research for new weapons in the United States and the former Soviet Union. The intention was to diplomatic and military personnel from hostile powers off by their environment to ‘flood with microwaves’.

It would, according to Smith can explain why the affected diplomats, piece by piece, complain of persistent, sharp, ringing or buzzing sounds, while those sounds on the basis of the brain damage that the victims have incurred.

Cuba continues to deny

The New York Times reports that Frey, the scientist who discovered how microwaves our brain can be fooled, recently FBI agents at his home on the floor. Who questioned him about the phenomenon, and confirmed to him that the one of the slopes is that they also investigate.

In addition to the question of which weapons in the attacks on the American diplomats are used, it remains as much a mystery to who they performed, and why. Cuba continues to emphatically deny that they have anything to do with it.

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