USA ask for privacy for terreurslachtoffers

THE HAGUE – The American embassy is asking everyone to respect the privacy of the two Americans on Friday were injured in the terrorist attack on Amsterdam CS. The tourists were on the drive stabbed by Jawed S., a nineteen-year-old Afghan with a German residence permit. He stated from a terrorist motive to act.

One of the wounded is Friday afternoon drained away. It is not clear whether the victim or the suspect.

In a statement from the embassy that Sunday on the website was placed, asked for privacy for the victims and their families in this difficult time.” The Us embassy says to work closely with the Netherlands “in the fight against all forms of terrorism.” “If necessary, we are ready to help with the investigation.”

The victims brought a visit to the Netherlands. They are shot in the hospital but are approachable. It seems that they were randomly chosen by the suspect.

S. was shot by the police. He is injured in the hospital and is interrogated. The police assumes that he consciously to Amsterdam is traveled and acted alone. Monday is S. appear before the court commissioner, who determines whether he is longer stuck.

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