State of emergency in Tripoli after fighting between militias at least 39 lives requirements

In the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Sunday, the state of emergency was declared, as a result of the violence that last week at least 39 people it has killed. That has the by the United Nations-backed government in Libya Sunday communicated.

“Because of the danger that the current situation entails, and for the sake of the public interest, the presidential council decided that the state of emergency to call in the capital Tripoli, and in the suburbs,” mentions the regeringsmededeling. The measure was taken ” to citizens, public and private property, and vital institutions to protect’.

In the south of Tripoli vomiting Monday, fighting between rival militias. Since then, the violence in all of 39 human lives. There are also a hundred injured cases. Most of the victims are civilians, between the two warring parties were landed.

In the regeringsmededeling is also called for the ceasefire to respect it, that Wednesday, in consultation with the UN mission in Libya was agreed upon.

Since the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, prevails in Libya chaos. The internationally recognized government in Tripoli has little influence outside the capital. She competes with a government in the east of the country. Both are supported by heavily armed militias, who still struggle for the control of important regions in the country.

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