Number of people injured in the demonstrations, Chemnitz goes on

CHEMNITZ – In the demonstrations that Saturday in Chemnitz are held, and eighteen people injured, including three police officers. Earlier spoke to the police nine wounded.

In the city of nearly 250,000 inhabitants were estimated to be 8000 strong opponents of migrants and migration is a proof. Among them also a lot of right-wing extremists. The demonstration was preceded by a large demonstration of approximately 3,000 people, directed against the extreme right.

There are approximately forty offences committed, including abuse, and vandalism. The police of Chemnitz also examines who a group of social democrats has attacked. The group heard from the deputy leader of the SPD in the German parliament, Sören bartol, located. Bartol, located reported that they are on their way to their bus in Chemnitz by neo-nazis attacked.

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