Jeugddetentie and tbs for killer Nick Offered

HAARLEM – The now 17-year-old Yasin has a year jeugddetentie received for the murder on Nick Offered in 2017. The boy will also get an unconditional PIJ measure, in the vernacular of youth-tbs.

The now 19-year-old Mads, who as co-suspect in the case, will get three months jeugddetentie. Since the remand was longer, he is now free.

The young Yasin was the prime suspect in the case. The court considers proven that Yasin Nick doodstak in april 2017 after a quarrel about a drugsschuld. In addition, acted Yasin, who was at that time 15 was premeditated.

The court shall consider no evidence that Mads knew of the plans of Yasin, and blame him so no involvement in murder or manslaughter. However, according to the court found that Mads an assault premeditated suicide by Nick to kick.

Against Yasin was the maximum of a year jeugddetentie and a PIJ-measure (youth-detention) required. Since he is already a year in custody at the time, he will not return to the cell in need. Nevertheless, he is thus forced to be treated. Against Mads was 18 months jeugddetentie required, of which six are conditional.

Arguing about drugsschuld

The 16-year-old Offered was in april of last year stabbed in the centre of Zaandam because of a quarrel about a drugsschuld. He could still run away from his assailants, but died shortly afterwards to a stab wound in his chest. In the days after the stabbing were Yasin (then 15) and Mads (then 18) were arrested.

Reporter Koen Nederhof was in the lawsuit. His tweets you can read below this article or via Twitter back.

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