Ingrii sings a happy song about anxiety

Fear and being afraid is not a pleasant feeling. Yet it manages to the Stabroekse singer Ingrii it to you with, “Mother, I am sooo scared !!” a good feeling to give. The song is an original of Ria Valk, and is from 1973. Peter Koelewijn wrote that song at that time. It was not the most famous song of Ria Valk that by Ingrii beneath the dust was removed. David Vervoort created a new and fresh arrangement. Frank Meseure of The Melando’s made by VDM Productions for the production.
If you’re afraid, then certainly this new single! Last weekend she asked the single for during the recording of the Vlaamse Top 10 van Ment Tv in Lebbeke.

The single, “Mother, I am sooo scared !!” of Ingrii is available to download.

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