Here Tom Waes regret

This autumn blows Tom Waes fifty candles, a yet another milestone in his life. That Waes is together with Mieke, that is generally known. But married Tom Waes not yet, still not. The reason for this? No time. And that time is already for years the great problem of Waes. Also the young Waes was not made to sit still. At school he did not like, study not . “I was not a stupid student, but school made me no ball and I have a number of times doubled,” says Tom Waes this weekend in Nina, the free appendix to The Latest News. “So hammered I the children always: do not do what I have done. I was prefer to be a one time successful. For me that is a huge waste of time.”

Tom regrets that he was in high school not better did his best. He has eventually been graduated from college and later went to the university to Germanic studies. “Together with Tom Lenaerts and Hans Herbots . But we all three stopped”, it sounds. “A diploma is wrong I don’t now more. I have ‘The Smartest Man’ won and that is the best degree ever,” laughs Tom . Soon start the new season of Travel Waes on One and before that it was Tom again often away from home. Now that he’s fifty years old, thinks Tom Waes with some sadness of the past. “When I was 21, I was knoeften as onderzeeduiker. After ten years of working, I was broken. I am for tv to start working because I was just more at home wanted. But that is something else printed out. I like my life even if redoing, I would be more at home. I have my family missed much,” Tom Waes. “Perhaps it would otherwise have been, I was a postman and his mother a teacher. Then we were much more at home and perhaps Milo and Isah other children if they have some more under our protective wings had stayed,” concludes Tom Waes.

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