Compact Disk Dummies hard house band from ‘The Ideal World’!

You read it right, beginning on september 4, flanked by the boys of Compact Disk Dummies, no less than a brand new presenter, Jan-Jaap Van Der Wal at the Canvasprogramma ‘The Ideal World’. Lennert and Janus form as the permanent house band for the new season. Not only will they be all the live music in each broadcast take care of, they will also be involved in skits, videos, and conversations during the show. “The sound in The Ideal World gets of us the Dummies treatment,” says Lennert. “So we have the introlied a facelift given and we also have seven new compositions of four seconds for the tussentitels. We got basically all the freedom to do what we wanted. And up to now there are no complaints. Or they find the muck and daring to say anything (laughs)” “We were initially asked to take a few tests to run,” says Janus. “Until a week or two back we thought not, that it is already very serious or concrete. To everything very quickly began to go, and we are suddenly in a brand new studio stood with microotjes to our body pricked. If you’re really smashed. You must learn, your plan to attract. But that also gives freedom and so you can get many of your own ideas to make or extrusion. And our plan is now something we are good at.”

Compact Disk Dummies fill so from this week every Tuesday and Thursday your display. That will be tough days, already having the fans on new music wait not to worry, according to Lennert:

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