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Topeditie Memorial: Sacoor’s right Kevin Borlée, crowd pleaser Thiam wins and spectacular 100m for men

We had Friday night a very beautiful edition of the Memorial Van Damme. Jonathan Sacoor won the 400m by Kevin Borlée, to knock, Thiam won the high jump with 1m89. We saw best wereldjaarprestaties of Beatrice Chepkoech (3000m steeple), Christian Coleman (100m) and Selemon Barega (5000m). The Belgians Hanne Claes, Eline Berings, Abdi Bashir, and Elise Vanderelst made for a strong Belgian performance.

200m (21u53): Shaunae Miller-Uibo’s right Skippers

The victory in the 200 meters at the women went to Shaunae Miller-Uibo from the Bahamas. They won in 22.12 of the Dutch Dafne Schippers (22.53), that Thursday in Zurich, even though the 100 metres ran. The third place was for melissa Jamile Samuel (22.64). Manon Depuydt came in 23.69 no further than the eighth and penultimate place, only Cynthia Bolingo was in 23.82 just a little slower. In Berlin Bolingo with the Belgian Cheetahs still fourth.

400m (21u44): What an atmosphere, the new Belgian talent, stunt

The audience was deafening when Kevin and Dylan Borlée, together with Jonathan Sacoor at the start, appeared for the 400m. The world champion in the junior, Saturday, his nineteenth birthday, caused a small, stunt by on the line Kevin Borlée to beat in 45.59. The new Belgian talent, thus winning his first participation in the Memorial. Borlée finished in 45.62. Dylan Borlée got out with an injury. The Dutchman Bonifacio was third. The 400m was not a part of the Diamond League finale, but a demonstratienummer. For Sacoor is the conclusion to a magnificent season. In mid-July, he won the gold medal in the 400 metres during the world athletics U20 in the Finnish Tampere. With 45.03 pulverized he also Belgian record U20. Never before has a Belgian world champion with the U20. At the beginning of this month, he was with the Belgian Tornados, then again the European champion in Berlin. In Brussels he worked all his nineteenth race of the season.

“I didn’t think I was this at the end of the season still could. I thought that I had was burn out. Very nice I at the end should still fight with Kevin. I am very happy that I was here, I walked got, the atmosphere was great. Next year, I would like to be six months at the university of Tennessee to train”, he responded afterwards on Sporza.

Pole vault men (19u28): topnummer don’t apply which it was hoped

Times proves that the belgacom Cédric Van Branteghem had the spectacle hoped in the pole vault. Five participants jumps all of about 6 metres. So it was dreamed of meeting record of 5.96 m of Sergei Bubka. Our compatriot Arnaud Art failed three times on the door opening height of 5.40 metres. But also the international riders brought not that was hoped. European champion Armond Duplantis went off at 5.58 m, world record holder Renaud Lavillenie at 5.73 m. The young Russian Timur Morgunov won with 5.93 m, the American Sam Kendricks was second with 5.88 m, the Canadian Shawnacy Barber was third with 5.83.

5000m (21u22): Barega with best lead performance, Bashir Abdi runs a personal best

The Ethiopian Selemon Barega has the 5,000 metres, won with a world year best. Barega did the five miles in 12:43.02, and did so better than the 13:01.09, which Birhanu Balew earlier this season down. In the King baudouin stadium, he took it of his compatriots Hagos Gebrhiwet (12:45.82), the reigning olympic champion, and Yomif Kejelcha (12:46.79). World champion Mukta Edris came no further than the fourth place. Our compatriot Basher Abdi earned in his last pistewedstrijd an eleventh place finish in 13:04.91, an improvement of his personal record. The silver medalist in the 10,000 m at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, will switch soon to the marathon.

High jump women (20u49): Stadium explodes for Nafi Thiam

Zevenkampster Nafi Thiam joined in the high jump. They came right out of vacation and had modest ambitions, but as soon as her competition started with a first attempt at 1m81 went to the stadium from the roof of his house. At 1m84 and 1m87, she had two attempts. At 1m89 was exciting, but in the fire’s third and final attempt, she’s got also that height. Then it went to 1m92, but that was the end. It was enough to win the competition. The second place was for the Australian Nicola McDermott (1m87). The Ukrainian Oksana Okuneva (1m87) was third. Zita Goossens took the aanvangshoogte of 1m75. Hanne Of Hessche went out on 1m78. The high jump is not a part of the Diamond League finale, but a demonstratienummer on the Memorial. “My season was already over after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. This I did, only for the Belgian audience will be done. I have retrofitted a lot of signatures, but that I do like. A few years ago I stood here as a child also signatures to ask,” responded Thiam afterwards on Sporza.

100m hurdles: Berings once again excellent time down

American Brianna McNeal has the 100 meter hurdles is won. They won in 12.61 of her compatriot Kendra Harrsion (12.63), who last month in London in 12.36 the world year best place. The Jamaican Danielle Williams (12.64) completed the top three in the King baudouin stadium. The victory in Brussels resulted in McNeal also $ 50,000. Eline Berings came in 12.94 as the seventh across the finish line, 22 hundredths of a second over her personal best (12.72) that they were mid-last month on the tables, and that they at one hundredth approached the Belgian record of Anne Zagré. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS remained Berings over the expectations by a little in addition to a place in the final to grab. Again with a time under 13 seconds, makes them at the Memorial for a beautiful finale of her season.

800m : Korir will not tolerate opposition at 800m, Crestan seventh

In the 800 meters at the men’s victory, and also also the Diamond League race, the Kenyan runner Emmanuel Kipkurui Korir gone. He finished in 1:44.72 of the Pole Marcin Lewandowski (1:45.21) and his compatriot Ferguson Cheruiyot Rotich (1:45.28). Korir close its season with four TOTAL victories. All 800m races provided this season, a Kenyan winner. Our compatriot Eliott Crestan was in 1:47.59 seventh. The EK was killed nineteen-year-old Crestan at the beginning of this month in Berlin in 1:47.35 in the series. At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS for juniors in the Finnish Tampere, he finished in a PR of 1:46.84 in third place.

100m men (20u54): Coleman surprised the big favourite Baker and picks up best wereldjaartijd

The American Christian Coleman has his compatriot Ronnie Baker knocked on the 100m. Baker was the last few days as a big favorite to for pushed, but Coleman left him with a lightning-fast start, no chance. He improved from 9.94 to 9.79 and in doing so has also the best lead performance from Baker. Baker was this year for the big man, with a best of 9.87, but also Coleman is not a small boy. He could last winter the world record 60m indoor to his name. That great start put on him today also on the way to a personal best in the 100 metres. Coleman came close to the meeting record of Usain Bolt 2011. The Jamaican ran 9.76. Coleman is still the 8th man ever to be under the 8.80 runs, after Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, Yohan Blake, Asafa Powell, Justin Gatlin, Nesta Carter and Maurice Greene.

It was one of the fastest 100m ever at the Memorial with no less than four men under ten seconds. The third place was for the Jamaican Yohan Blake, 9.69 after Usain Bolt (9.58 and 9.63) the fastest man in history. The Brit Reece Prescod was 9.99 fourth on the most publicized showdown.

“They were me all forget, but I am the best”, responded to Coleman afterwards for the camera of Sporza. “The crowd was fantastic.”

Triple jump men (20u47): Pedro Pablo Pichardo loves Christian Taylor of victory

The Portuguese Pedro Pablo Pichardo has, somewhat surprisingly, the hop-step-jump won. The Portuguese took it with a decisive jump of 17m49 of the American number one favourite and two-time olympic champion Christian Taylor, who does not go then hit 17m31 and so in addition to a seventh victory in a row took the Diamond League.

1500m women (20u41): Young compatriot improves is spectacular and comes near the Belgian record

Quality competition in the 1500m at the women. The British Laura Muir finished in 3:58.49 for the American Shelby Houlihan (3.58:94) and the Dutch Sifan Hassan (3:59.41). Hassan grabbed Thursday in Zurich with a second place just next to the victory grip on the 5,000 m. In the background, our young compatriot Elise Vanderelst a very contest. She improved her personal record of 4:09.31 4:05.75. The Belgian recrod of Veerle Dejaeghere since 2002 at 4:05.05.

110m hurdles men (20u33): Rus takes revenge for EK

The Russian Sergey Shubenkov 12.97, the 110m hurdles run. With 12.97, he went for the second time this season under the 13 seconds. With 12.92 he already had the best wereldjaartijd to his name. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin, he had to be as well-liked still a defeat, swallowing against the Frenchman Martinot-Lagarde, who is now only fourth.

3000m steeple women (20u11): Kamikazepoging for world record supplies meeting record on

The Kenyan Beatrice Chepkoech ran this year’s world record 8:44:32, and made tonight an attempt to even more. The first round went, however, much to quickly, making them at the end to much had to slow down. Its 8:55:10 is good for a meeting record, and the third time ever. More than ten seconds faster than the previous record, that the Tunisian Habiba Ghribi (9:05.36) in 2015 down. With Norah Jeruto (8:59.62) and Hyvin Kiyeng (9:01.60) there was a full Kenyan podium at the Memorial.

400m (20u03) women: Naser takes the prize money, friend Kevin Borlée will last

Vicewereldkampioene Salwa Eid Naser won with force majeure, the 400 meters in the women. The athlete from Bahrain, the baanronde in the King baudouin stadium in a quick 49.33, and so was more than a second faster than the American reigning world champion Phyllis Francis (50.51). The third place went to the American Shakima Wimbley (50.77), last winter is still second on the world CHAMPIONSHIP indoor in the British Birmingham.

The 25-year-old Camille Laus, the girlfriend of Kevin Borlée, finished in 53.72 in the eighth and last place. In Brussels, she was the only European athlete to the start. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, she was at the beginning of this month, good for 52.40 (PR 51.49), what her in Berlin in the semi-finals brought. With the Belgian Cheetahs hold them in the 4x400m relay with a fourth place then again a little in addition to a medal.

400m hurdles (19u46): Hanne Claes rises above themselves

The 27-year-old Limburg finished in 55.87 on the second place and needed the victory to the Ukrainian Anna Yaroshchuk-Ryzhykova (55.38). The third place was for the Italian Ayomide Folorunso (56.12). With Justien Grillet there was still a second Belgian Cheetah at the start, but they came in 58.11 no further than the eighth and last place.

Claes has a strong summer behind with an impressive fourth place at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin. With its 55.75 she had at the time only the Swiss Léa Spunger (54.33), Ryzhykova (54.51) and britain’s Meghan Beesley (55.31). Beesley closed her season with a fourth place in Brussels.

High jump men (19h45): Brandon Starc picks up the victory, Bram Ghuys 11th

The Australian Brandon Starc has the victory conquered in the high jump. The 24-year-old Starc went on 2m33 at his second attempt. He took it from the German Mateusz Przybylko. The European champion had one attempt more needed to be about the same height. The third place went 2m31 to the Italian Gianmarco Tamberi. Important absentee was the Qatarees Mutaz Barshim. Our 25-year-old compatriot Bram Ghuys ended with 2m20 in the eleventh and also last place. His personal record stands on 2m26, in Berlin he snatched at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS with 2m16 next to a place in the final.

800m (19h30): René Eykens fighting under

Renée Eykens was fourth in the 800 meters at the women. The 22-year-old Eykens seemed a long time on the way to second place, but fell in the last straight line is still a strong come-back and ended up fourth at the finish in 2:01.91, almost two seconds above her personal best (2:00.00), that they will be in Rio 2016 place. Her besttijd this season in 2:00.92.

The victory went in 1:59.93 to the Uk’s Lynsey Sharp, the European champion of 2012. She pulled it from the Swedish Hanna Hermansson (2:00.96) and Noélie Yarigo (2:01.35) from Benin.

The Diamond League final of the 800 metres was Thursday night in the Letzigrundstadion in the Swiss Zurich already walked. The South African Caster Semenya insured itself for the third time of the race.

Long jump women 19u08): the Second day in a row, $ 50,000 for Ibarguen

The ravishing Colombian Caterine Ibarguen – a specialist in the triple jump – the long jump, won with a leap of 6.80 meters. Shara Proctor (6,70 m) was second and Sha’Keela Saunders (6,68 m) third. A profitable two-day for Ibarguen, because yesterday she won the Diamond League finals in the triple jump in Zurich. Twice good for $ 50,000. Our 22-year-old compatriot Hanne Maudens put her best jump on her second attempt down, and that gave 6m36 on, at the beginning of this month, she was in Berlin are good for 6m42 in the long jump in the internet. The German European champion Malaika Mihambo got no further than the fourth place.

Discus throw (18u05): Defeat of 42,000 euros

Opening immediately with a surprise at the women in the discus throw. The Croatian Sandra Perkovic, the best disc pitcher ever, had to settle for a third place. With a best throw of 64.31 feet, she had the Cuban Yaimé Pérez (65.00 m) and the Brazilian Andressa de Morais (64.65 m). Not without significance, as this was the final of the Diamond League. The winner wins 50,000 dollars (42,000 euros). Perkovic lost not a single match this year, but now see quite a bit of money lost. Pérez won in the Brussels King baudouin stadium, with a sixth and final throw.

Sterrenparade (19u10): Martinez enjoy together with Belgian medal winners

The Memorial began with a sterrenparade, in which the Belgian team put in the flowers were. Not only the athletes, but also among more gymnast Nina Derwael and swimmer Kimberly Buys. And there was also attention for the third place of the Red Devils at the world cup. Coach Roberto Martinez was in an open car around, and enjoyed the impressive atmosphere in the stadium. Click here to view the full photo special.

Look forward to these moments tonight

Highlights will be the pole vault in the men (19u28) with less than five athletes on the 5 meter jumps. World record holder Renauld Lavillenie, and the tienersensaties Mondo Duplantis and Timur Morgunov get competition from American Sam Kendricks and the Pole Piotr Lisek. To 20u11 we might be a world record expect from the Kenyan Beatrice Chepkoech, who this year in Monaco, the fastest time ever ran: 8’44”32. At 20.54 hours is look forward to the sprintsensatie Ronnie Baker, the man who, for now, the throne of Usain Bolt seems about to take on the 100m. The evening will close with the 400 metres, in which Keven in Dylan Borlée their young team-mate Jonathan Sacoor in the eyes.


18u05: Discus throw women* – 19u08: long Jump women* – 19u28: pole vault men* – 9: 30 am: 800m women – 19u37: 100m blades women – 19u40: Discus throw men* – 19h45: high Jump men* – 19u46: 400m hurdles women – 20u03: 400m women* – 20u11: 3000 steeplechase women* – 20u33: 110m hurdles* – 20u41: 1500m women* – 20u47: triple jump men* – 20u49: high jump women – 20u54: 100m men* – 21u02: 800m men* – 21u15: 100m hurdles women* – 21u22: 5000m men* – 21u44: 400m men 200m women*

*Final Diamond League, $ 50,000 prize money

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