The fourth season of The Voice Kids full of novelties

The smallest talents to earn the biggest show. Therefore, returns The Voice Kids back at VTM. A new batch of juniors between 7 and 14 years to get from Friday 14 september to the stage to impress with their voice. It is a season full of new features, including a brand new backdrop, a new co-host, a renewed course, and also a few new coaches. This year, there are after all 4 red chairs ready to run, good for 6 pairs of listening ears. The now experienced Sean Dhondt and Laura Tesoro get company of singer Gers Pardoel and Hanne, Marthe and Klaasje van K3. A lively crowd in the swivel chairs, but the coaches also means even more competition. Who strictly the strongest voices for his team?

Also for the hosts there is a new kid in town: Sieg De Doncker presents this year on the side of An Lemmens. While An together with friends and family, the performances on the sidelines, experience, meet Sieg the temperature backstage. With the necessary pep talk, he ensures that the singers without too many nerves enter the stage. Sieg: “On a stage can be quite frightening, that I have experienced. I want the kids to reassure them feel good, not only before but also after their performance. I mainly want to do as a big brother for them.”

Sean Dhondt:
“I’m ready to be me again to be surprised by the very young singing talent. The competition becomes of course greater now that there are twice as many coaches to the candidates of things, but that keeps me sharp. I have passion in the fight. Team Sean for the win!” Sean Dhondt

Gers Pardoel:
“I find it amazing to coach. I look very forward to my experience as an artist and producer to be able to share with the young talents of The Voice Kids. I have huge respect for my medecoaches, but I’m going to everything in the struggle to throw for my team to victory piloting!”

Laura Tesoro:
“Last year is Josje with the profits going to walk, this time it is on my team. There are also formidable coaches next to me. I have anyway incredible lot of sense to a whole range of new talentjes under my wings to take with them to get started.”

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