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Eline Berings continues with top-class sport

Hordeloopster Eline Berings is still at least a year with sports. That made them known in the aftermath of the Memorial Van Damme, where they in the 100 meter hurdles seventh was in 12.94.

At the beginning of the summer season, told Berings that they afterwards would evaluate whether she continued with her sports, in her 32nd. With only unemployment benefits, she has not easy to make the train. Her decision, she would let to depend on any professional contract, but now is the knot already made, even before there is clarity on that leg.

“I go by. As I in addition to a contract griffin, that would be very, very daunting for me, but my decision is fixed”, said the Gent. “I go on all the possible ways the resources together to try to get to me next winter in better conditions to prepare. I’m not going by just my level. I would highly ambitious, and believe that it is a lot faster. There’s still more in it, therefore I go by.”

Berings evaluated also as her last season. “At the Memorial I went again under the 13 seconds. I that every week could be this season, is pretty foolish. Only the icing on the cake was not there on the EK, where I is the final missed. Who should be there next season but come.”

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