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Coleman and Sacoor lights of 42nd Memorial Van Damme: “Here you dream as a child of”

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Christian Coleman made Friday for the absolute highlight at the 42nd edition of the Memorial Van Damme. Jonathan Sacoor and Nafi Thiam made for the Belgian highlights.


The 22-year-old American Christian Coleman, world record holder in the 60 meters, won the 100 meters at the men with a world year best. In 9.79 he came first across the finish line, followed by his compatriot Ronnie Baker (9.93), that is no longer the fastest man of the season. He was recently in the Polish Chorzow 9.87 on the tables. The third place was for the Jamaican Yohan Blake, 9.69 after Usain Bolt (9.58 and 9.63) the fastest man in history. The four sprinters were below the ten seconds in this quality most publicized showdown, in which the search is to be a new star in this post-Bolt era.

“I have the trophy to catch the whole season on the hunted,” said Christian Coleman. The Diamond League trophy rewards the best athlete of the season and provides 50,000 euros. “These are the kind of competitions where as a child you look at and dream of.” Coleman knocked another world as his compatriot Ronnie Baker and the Jamaican Yohan Blake.

“This was, of course, my best race of the season,” added Coleman. Already ran that season is not without a hitch. “In the beginning of the year I had suffered from a hamstring injury and I could never be without problems work out. Several people recommended me to season early for looking at, but to specify is not in my nature. Today I got myself back in the picture can walk.”

The pre-loudly announced polsstokcompetitie remained below the expectations, no single athlete was about six metres. The eighteen-year-old Swedish sensation Armand Duplantis gave a leap over 5m68 that the form of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of the past. The Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie found himself with 5m73 no further than the fifth place. With 5m96 the meeting record for five years in the name of Airvillenie. For the victory was a fight between the Rus Timur Morgunov, and the American Sam Kendricks, which Morgunov as only about 5m93 went.

For the first real excitement of the evening had to have been the 3000 meter steeple for women, in which the Kenyan Beatrice Chepkoech a new meeting record dropped. World record holder Chepkoech finished in 8:55.10, and was so for more than ten seconds faster than the previous record, that the Tunisian Habiba Ghribi (9:05.36) in 2015 down.

Then there was also a world year best for the Ethiopian Selemon Barega in the 5000 metres. Barega did the five miles in 12:43.02, and did so better than the 13:01.09, which Birhanu Balew earlier this season down. Bashir Abdi concluded with a personal record on the eleventh place.

In the high jump in the women was the victory for Nafi Thiam, though it was seen that the light resistance is not more than logical.

Jonathan Sacoor: “Every muscle hurt”

Jonathan Sacoor continued with a victory against Kevin Borlée in the 400m a wonderful conclusion to an equally wonderful season down. The world champion U20 was after several times, the question why it is there with him all the time easy looks in the usually tough final straight line of 400 meters. “It just seems that way. Maybe it looks all relaxed when I walk, but every muscle ached. A 400 metres you can’t walk without dying at the end,” says Sacoor.

The biggest talent of the Belgian athletics looked after the Memorial also already ahead in the coming year. “Next season is very interesting with my study-trip to the US, and later on in the year, the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Doha. I think I’m there on the redemptions will focus.”

Coach Jacques Borlée, gave a word of explanation. “Everything you need to careful plan, at his age. You can to be good up to 16 races a year, repayments included. Wise career planning is the reason why my sons Kevin and Jonathan on their 30th still medalists.”

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