Wilders blows olen and off

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The Hague – Mohammed-olen and that Geert Wilders wanted to keep, does not go through.

The PVV-leader has the much talked about match cancelled “to the risk to be victims of islamic violence to avoid”, as he makes known via Twitter.

Geert Wilders has decided to olen and about the prophet Mohammed in a closed part of the Second Room not to let go. That the PVV-leader Thursday night let us know.

“Safety of people is going for everything,” he in a statement to know. The race in november will be held.

According to him the information about the competition “the scuppers.” This week was a man in The Hague arrested that an attack wanted to commit on Wilders because of the competition. In Pakistan, thousands of people take to the streets again to demonstrate against the PVV-leader, and the Netherlands.

“But it’s not just me. In the meantime, others also danger from all the threats of extreme muslims that is not only me but the whole of the Netherlands as a target and more of the death and terror, than the life, ‘ says Wilders.

He does not want that the contest will be used as “an excuse for islamic violence.” He does not want that innocent victims are going to fall. According to Wilders, he has a point “about the violent and intolerant nature of islam” demonstrated once again.

The government has always made clear has nothing to do with the olen and. Prime minister Mark Rutte said earlier, there are not enthusiastic about. “The fact is that I would not do such a competition. But he may do it,” said Rutte in the netherlands last week.

Earlier in the day it was announced that a planned trade mission in november to Pakistan has been postponed. Because of the controversy over the spotprentwedstrijd originated the visit is not deemed safe, said a spokesman for Foreign Affairs. There would be no member of the cabinet to go along with the mission.

In Pakistan, the protests against the competition at its fiercest. There is the Dutch ambassador earlier on the pad called on the issue. The match of the PVV would be a “willful and malicious attempt to islam in a poor light.”

In the country are some of the thousands of people involved in a march to the capital Islamabad. There, they want to Friday a protest at the Dutch embassy. There are hundreds of soldiers deployed to the foreign embassies there to protect.

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