Who are the guests of Gert Late Night?

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Next Monday the new season of Gert Late Night. Gert Verhulst and James Cooke have incredible meaning, especially now that the Evanna back to its normal place. The past week was the boat of Gert Verhulst without a trace, at least that had the viewers believe. Actually, it was the boat just on the other side of the MAS, more, there was actually not yet believed of quite a few people that the boat from Gert Verhulst effectively without a trace. Fortunately, Evanna, and currently is the technical team working cameras, lights, microphones and cables to record so that the first episode Monday spotlessly antenna. For Gert Verhulst promises to be a busy autumn. For six weeks he sits four days in a row on the Evanna for Gert Late Night, there are the rehearsals of 40-45 where he had an eye in the sail wants to keep and he will start in mid-October – following on from Gert Late Night on Dancing With The Stars. That program presents Gert, together with James Cooke but with Jani Kazaltzis. Monday morning at 9 o’clock the first guests on the Evanna and in The Latest News of Friday, spoiling the hosts first names: Kamagurka, Dana Winner and Bartel Van Riet. “With our guests we go into the new season, after all, each time a bet. Win Gert and I have our guests return. We lose, then we get an extra command”, we read in The Latest News. For the rest, there will be at Gert Late Night not so very much change. One of the biggest changes is the show: Gert Late Night is used on the antenna and that is already around 21: 40 hours. That in itself is not really “late night” but it is at that hour of the day it’s been for a while dark. During the shooting in the early evening will be the wonderful world of lighting technology to make sure that the outside seems dark, the viewer will be the difference in brands. Where the former show may be for a difference will provide are the ratings. That will probably be slightly higher. Gert Late Night ran the previous seasons, often until half past twelve, and that was a lot of people a tad too late. During the season 4 will more people watch live.
Gert Late Night, from Monday 3 september on FOUR.

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