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What you can expect from the third Lightning Hackday

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On 1. September, Berlin will host the third Lightning Hackday. The Event is an unconference, in the case of the Lightning enthusiasts Bitcoins Lightning Network and experience can discuss. In addition, the Event can come up with some well-known speakers from the Bitcoin Community.

Even if Bitcoin on 28. August, was able to climb over the 7,000-US-Dollar mark, is not to deny that it is far from a bull market. In such times, a look at the technology behind Bitcoin. And behind the Scenes there is a lot to discover.

If you are looking for technological innovations in the Bitcoin network, not passing on the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network would like to solve, Bitcoins scaling problem is not due to larger blocks or shorter block times, but through a network of Payment Channels.

The Developer Community around the Lightning Network is very active. Block stream published for a week every day a new Lightning App. The applications ranged from micro-payments for digital documents on a WordPress Plugin for a Paywall to an approach for micro-transactions for API Calls.

In Berlin, the company Fulmo is very active. Goal of the Fulmo, the enlightenment, around the Lightning Network. In the context, the company has created the Lightning Hackday. This is an unconference, so events without a fixed sequence, determine the participants, which lectures or discussions are to take place.

Bitcoin Lightning Hackday #3 – UN conference with interesting speakers

On 1. September Lightning hack day goes into the third round. Just like last Time there will be in addition to the spontaneous, from the guests laid down procedures and also a couple of guest lectures. As a speaker well-known developers such as Giaccumo Zucco, Christian Decker, or Johan Halseth. So you can expect lectures on topics such as Taproot, and Schnorr signatures, or Tokenized Assets in the context of the Lightning Networks introduce.

Before the actual Event takes place on 31. August, a Hackathon held on the ambitious Developer projects around the Lightning Network can develop. On the Wiki from the Lightning Hackday interested inspire.

For the Event, you must log on to the website. The Main Event itself, unlike the Hackathon, is not in vain: to ensure that people that order a Ticket, actually come to the Lightning Hackday, you have to transfer the Bitcoin to the value of 50 Euro. These can be obtained on the Event itself – if you don’t want to donate the money. Significantly cheaper it is when you initiated the payment via the Lightning Network: Then you have to pay five euros.

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