US delete also remaining support for UN organization that the Palestinians helps

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The United States does, as expected, all the financial support to UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees. The official announcement within a few days expected.

The government-Trump had the financial support to UNRWA at the beginning of this year was already significantly scaled back. When it was only $ 60 million deposited, and the promise that there are still 65 million dollars could follow the ‘awaiting assessment’. That remaining 65 million dollars is now deleted. For comparison: last year, it was UNRWA still count on 365 million dollars from the Americans.

As reason points US to the difficult humanitarian situation in the Gaza strip by Hamas, the islamist movement that the enclave controls them. According to Trump, to show the Palestinians not willing to negotiate peace with Israel. Palestine considers the US as an independent broker due to the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem.

The Us government had last week announced more than $ 200 million that was foreseen for assistance to the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza strip ‘refocus’. ‘This is done at the request of the president, ” she said. “This money goes to programs with a high priority, elsewhere.’

Nikki Haley, the American ambassador to the United Nations, said earlier this week that U.S. financial aid would be reviewed ‘when UNRWA reform’. In concrete terms, they want that the number of Palestinians that is recognized as a refugee is scaled down. Currently have five million Palestinians refugee status.

German aid increased

The USA was for many years the largest sponsor of UNRWA, established in 1949, after hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled or on the flight beat, as a result of the foundation of the state of Israel. The withdrawal of their support is also a huge opdoffer for the organization.

The German minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, announced on Friday that Germany’s financial support to the UNRWA would increase. “The loss of this organisation would be an uncontrollable chain reaction in order to convert’, motivated Maas that decision. Belgium has also decided already to his contribution to the organization afloat.

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