Trump sends Pence to Asia

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WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump is going in november to Singapore and Papua New Guinea for a summit with Asian leaders. In his place, he sends vice-president Mike Pence. That has the White House Friday announced.

Pence may be the face detect.

Trump was again invited to the meetings on economic cooperation in South-east Asia and the asia Pacific. Last year he had them answered, now, Pence is the face detect. Itself flies the president to Paris on 11 november, the hundredth anniversary from the file that an end to the First world War.

Trump actually had an American military parade in Washington but that plan was killed because of the estimated cost. “When he is in Europe, the president is also a visit to Ireland to our strong and historic ties to renew,” said spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. Later in the month of november, lives Trump a meeting of the G20 in Buenos Aires and he performs in Colombia consultations on security and the fight against drugs.

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