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The five best books of the week

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The best out of the boekenoogst of the past few weeks: five leaders you should not forget. Selected by Veerle Vanden Bosch, chef De Standaard der Letteren.


Of mice & men – John Steinbeck

Wisdom, warmth and compassion

American classic about a poor day labourers during the Great Depression in the thirties.

Who is it for? You’re curious about this nobel prize winner.
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A lady in Kislovodsk and other Russian tales – Pieter Waterdrinker

Russia as a wild roller coaster

A versatile, funny, even merciless as loving portrait in stories.

Who is it for? You want to know how a Dutch writer who has his heart on Russia, has pledged about his new homeland, writes.
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Reservoir 13 – Jon McGregor

Beautiful phrases and a compelling rhythm

With the Costa Award-winning novel about the impact of the disappearance of a teenage girl in a village.

Who is it for? You want to get acquainted with this writer that so many colleagues wildly enthusiastic.
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Prayer to the sea – Khaled Hosseini

A tribute to the drowned landed Alan Kurdi

A father waits with his son on a nightly beach until the sun comes up, and on the perilous journey that takes them to Europe.

Who is it for? Young and old can be availed through this austere, beautifully illustrated monologue.
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In the quiet back room. Poems on paintings of Adriaen Coorte and Jan Mankes – Marlene van Niekerk

On the border of poetry and painting

Beautiful poems about the framed breath of old grass and the still-life as an act of resistance against the mortality.

Who is it for? You love of African poetry, and 17th-century still-lifes.
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