Tension in German ’bruinkoolbos’

01b476c85e1d0a9bcac771abb4de953a - Tension in German ’bruinkoolbos’

KERPEN – The tension between law enforcement officers and environmentalists due to the proposed clearing of ’bruinkoolbos’ at Hambach (Germany). The police of North rhine-Westphalia has the area Friday described as “dangerous place” where people without cause may be held for control. Who can not identify themselves can have twelve hours be held.

The ’bruinkoolbos’.

A part of the Hambacher forest, between Kerkrade and Cologne, will be cut down for the field of lignite mining. Conservationists try that in all sorts of ways to prevent or traineren. A police spokeswoman said that in the forest agreements have been made about the “preparing and committing of criminal offences of substantial significance.” In the past weeks, police officers among others, fired at with catapults.

The power company RWE wants to be in the autumn begin with the harvesting of trees. The German Environment minister, Svenja Schulze wants to delay, but the liberal-christian government of the state of feeling nothing. RWE has, according to her, the fullest right to the area to be mined and in production.

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