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Stoffel Vandoorne after a disappointing Friday: “I don’t expect any miracles”

f92004ec72c65b96189258bba5449746 - Stoffel Vandoorne after a disappointing Friday: "I don't expect any miracles"

During the first practice sessions for the GP of Italy came to McLaren and our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne is not competitive for the day. Vandoorne realize that it is on the hogesnelheidscircuit of Monza is very difficult.

During the first training session for the GP of Italy had Stoffel Vandoorne watch McLaren test driver Lando Norris, a competitor, for any racezitje at McLaren in 2019, with his racing car in action on the Monza circuit.

Seen the rain lost Stoffel Vandoorne not too a lot of precious time because during the second training session came Vandoorne in action and that was under dry conditions moved.

“Even though I did not during the first training session, I think the weather, not much missed,” says Vandoorne back on Friday. “The second training session was dry and was more or less a normal session, at the heavy crash of Marcus Ericsson in the beginning.”

During the second training session, however, proved yet again that McLaren her car is currently too slow, especially on fast circuits such as Monza.

“I expect here during the weekend, no miracles. We had expected that this would be difficult and I think the practice sessions already confirmed that it is very difficult for us. We will see what we are on Saturday can do.”

“I love this circuit, I have here in the past in various race series in beautiful performance. I love also of to be to come here and race,” decided Vandoorne.

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