Stef Wauters can now without cameramen

5463964d6260a3049661790416326c22 - Stef Wauters can now without cameramen

Breaking news? Stef Wauters has, since Monday, no help more necessary to online or on antenna news. Thanks to a new live set with technology of self-propelled vehicles can use the VTM-nieuwsankers everything in no time. That writes The Latest News. As soon as a nieuwsanker on the set, know the camera who he is in the picture. When that anchor starts to speak, know the camera thanks audio sensing that he is the face close. Ditto if a guest comes in. The camera observes it and automatically switches to that man or woman, and then off to a shot of the full set between them. And also for the anchors themselves is changing what. On the desk is a touch screen that Stef Wauters or Birgit Van Mol himself the director of the broadcast in the hands. Cameramen, directors and copy editors are in principle no longer needed.

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