South Korea sends envoy to Pyongyang

38962c2a7eee49584f860589516cfd48 - South Korea sends envoy to Pyongyang

SEOUL – The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in will send next week, on Wednesday, a special envoy to Pyongyang. The diplomat must make preparations for the visit of the Moon to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, message, news agency Yonhap.

The leaders meet is expected to be next month. It is the first time since taking office as president that Moon to Pyongyang travels, though, he got rather more symbolic over the border. That happened when he in april a meeting with Kim in the border village Panmunjom.

The visit of the envoy would also serve to discuss about the possibilities and the rough course of the talks on the denuclearisation of North Korea on track. The American president, Trump decided recently to have a planned trip of Foreign minister to that country and blow it up. There would be little progress to be made.

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