Situation camp Lesvos reached boiling point

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GENEVA – The afghan refugee organisation of the United Nations sounds the alarm about the situation in the overcrowded refugee camp of Moria in Lesbos. The situation reaches a “boiling point”, says a spokesperson of the UNHCR.

Children wash themselves in the camp on the Greek island of Lesvos.

Moria is intended for the reception of 2,000 people, but there are, according to the UNHCR, about 7,000 migrants and asylum seekers accommodated. About a quarter of them are children. The organization wants that asylum seekers who are eligible for care on the mainland, the faster be transferred.

A baby in the camp at Samos.

Also on the other Greek islands, the situation would be dire. In a village on Samos sit 2700 migrants, almost four times more than what it is designed. Also, in camps, on Chios, and Kos a lot more refugees collected than was originally intended.

The spokesman says that there is great concern about poor sanitation, fights between frustrated groups and a growing number of cases of sexual abuse in the camps. He argues that other member states of EU-countries from where many refugees arrive to help.

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