Sarah Palin ‘not welcome’ at funeral of John McCain

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Sarah Palin is, according to Us media not welcome at the funeral of John McCain. In 2008 it was Palin, the running mate of the Republican that Saturday has died.

Ten years ago, Sarah Palin presented as the running mate of John McCain in the presidential election of 2008. Nevertheless, should they stay away from the funeral, so sign the American media.

The widow of McCain would have decided that Palin is not welcome. ‘She wants the legacy of John protect, ” says a source close to the family.

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A source from the Plane family tells NBC News that they did not respond out of respect for the family. “The Palin family, will her friendship with the McCains always cherish,” says a representative.

After the news about the death of senator John McCain, was published, praised Sarah Palin him as a fighter for his ideals came to mind. “John McCain was my friend,” she said. “I will bring the good times to remember.’

A few months before his death, John McCain said that he is the choice for Palin in 2008, regretted, and that he is better, his friend Joe Lieberman had chosen. A statement which is hard arrived at Palin, as she said herself.


The American president Donald Trump, with whom McCain repeatedly in the clinch lag, is also not invited to the funeral. McCains suicide note, that Monday was read, contained a barely veiled criticism of the incumbent president. He advised the American people to ” not to despair about our current difficulties’.

Saturday an event took place in the cathedral of Washington. Two former presidents, George Bush and Barack Obama, will take the floor. Both have John McCain during a hard election battle reports. On Sunday, senator McCain during a privéceremonie buried in the cemetery of the maritime academy in Annapolis, in the state of Maryland.

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