Paris and London want to end ’schelpenoorlog’

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PARIS – France and Britain are trying to put an end to a hoogopgelopen conflict over the fisheries on scallops. Quarrelling fishermen from the countries to make this week kind of naval battle off the coast of Normandy.

The stumbling block is that French fishermen between may 15 and October 1, no scallops out of the water. The British don’t need that fishing ban. Rival fishermen ramden each other Tuesday and threw stones.

The French minister Stéphane Travert (Agriculture) said Friday on the radio that he consultation has been undertaken with the British secretary of state, George Eustice. Representatives of the sectors of the industry from the two countries next week to set the table.

The head of the visserijbond from Normandy says that the consultation Wednesday should take place in London. There are also representatives of the French government at present. The catch of scallops is not bound to EU rules, allowing countries to decide when fishing.

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