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New role and status, convinced Trebel to draw with Anderlecht

7bd5d58b237e2dc9813c94cb96e3dc38 - New role and status, convinced Trebel to draw with Anderlecht

Captain Adrien Trebel gets plenty of confidence on the society at RSC Anderlecht and that led on 29 August to a renewal of his contract with the purple & white until 2023. “I feel good here and the coach gave me sense to continue,” said Trebel Friday after the draw of the Europa League.

As Trebel would leave, it had to be a better and more important club. But despite various proposals came the offer. The engine of the purple-white society gets plenty of confidence.

“We are a new group with a lot of players who would like to learn. In addition, it was also important to stay here because of the stability for my family situation”, explains Trebel. “I am now a little bit the oldest and that has yet changed much. It is a role that I enjoy the recording and I try as much as possible, to contribute to the group. But it was also important that I the confidence felt by the coach. I’ve also been young and they need me as much council given. That I try now to do the same,” says Trebel.

Will the midfielder visibly calm. “Today I am more mature and take more away from. So it was a serene mercato for me. If I really have a financial choice to make, I had to the gulf states pulled. But that was not an option,” emphasizes Trebel.

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