Mystery captive woman at the door, resolved

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Houston – The mystery surrounding a chilling video of a woman who, barefoot and with chains around her body before the door of a house was towed away, has been resolved.

The 32-year-old victim is alive, recovered, but her friend turns out to death.

Last week gave the police the images of a deurbelcamera free with the call, who the woman recognized. On picture is to see that a woman who was in panic at the door when someone, apparently to seek help. Stops a car behind her, there runs a man out of her then wegsleurt.

After the police, the images spread, reported the ex of the man.

The woman said that they recently more app messages had gotten the 49-year-old Dennis Ray Collins. He would commit suicide want to commit.

Collins was found dead in the house. And using the data from his phone was the mysterious and still terrified woman detected. They told us that they are indeed chains to be had, and that that had been used in a sex game. The woman was by Collins attacked and the house had fled.

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Dennis Ray left a suicide note in his house behind. He committed suicide because he wanted to escape a trial for kidnapping and assault.

In 2009 it appeared Collins had previously been convicted for an assault and received five years conditionally.

The police was after the release of the video is flooded with hundreds of comments of people who are missing persons thought to recognize.

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