Multiple deaths by gigacrash with bus in US

24dd04cf72ab13df7ef4413a767c90fc - Multiple deaths by gigacrash with bus in US

SANTA FE – A serious road accident in the United States cost the life of definitely seven people. A truck collided in the town of Thoreau (New Mexico) head-on on a bus with about fifty passengers.

The driver of the truck seems to be by a blowout of the power steering to have lost. Thus ended up his vehicle in the wrong lane, reports the police. There, rammed the truck, the bus carrier, Greyhound Lines, in the opposite direction, the reed.

Photos that American media have shared, is to see that the front of the bus completely destroyed, and that the havoc on the road is huge.

Almost all the passengers are after the crash and transported to hospitals. They were in most cases minor injuries. Six people with serious injuries are transferred to a University Medical Center in Albuquerque.

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