Man steals body of mother-in-law at funeral parlour

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KENT – A man has broken into at a funeral parlour in the English town of Kent, where the body of his mother-in-law to steal. The man feared that the business were to go bankrupt, and that he is the body and is not time would be able to get to the funeral.

Butterfly Funeral Services.

According to the Kent Messenger, the man of the mortal remains from Butterfly Funeral Services on a trolley and loaded it into a rented van waiting. The man’s remains were then transported to another funeral director.

Although the incident more than a year ago it’s now come to light only because several customers of the relevant undertaker the ashes of their deceased family members could not get.

In conversation with the local newspaper says the man now has no other choice to have had. “I had the body way to get. I have my wife not taxed. She knows until the day of today not what happened, and I’m also not going to her ever telling.”

Case is indeed closed

It appears indeed to be correct, that the goods bad went for Butterfly Funeral Services. There is now a handwritten note on the window of the undertaker, that her case has closed. If people have the ashes of their deceased family members want to come and get it, they should send an email.

The local newspaper says Karen Calder, the owner of Butterfly Funeral Services, that they forced her business to close due to worsening health.

James Brown, of the umbrella party Medway Council, said: ”We were approached by a mortician who has a number of urns will be returned to the crematorium in Medway.” He continues: “Once we have all the urns, we will contact the families.”

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