Man demands money for the deaf making treinfluit

f8475d96b0d8e21880d2eeca1058658a - Man demands money for the deaf making treinfluit

DÜSSELDORF – A 48-year-old German claiming 25,000 euros from the German railways because his hearing damaged by the sound of the whistle of the conductor. That happened shortly after he July last year in the regional train between Düsseldorf and Cologne had stepped.

Not the conductor from the story.

It was at that time a close battle on the platform and the conductor had the doors open to the travelers in to steps. At the time that he then his whistle blew, the conductor close to the plaintiff.

Because the flute is not even 10 centimeters of his left ear, bright sounded, he ran to irreparable damage, argues the man. Like a firecracker in my ear exploded, he declared in German media. The man is wearing since a hearing aid.

The court must still have the requirement to bend.

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