Man calls Boston Globe ‘enemies of the people’ and threatening journalists with death

A man from California on Thursday arrested by the police after they had threatened all of the employees of the newspaper Boston Globe to kill. He called the staff ” enemies of the people’, to the example of president Donald Trump.

The man phoned the newspaper and uttered threats after journalists, a national campaign had been launched for the freedom of the press, due to the increasing pressure from the White House on the media and the repeated assertions of Trump that the media are the enemies of the people. The man called reportedly fourteen times to the editor, says the public prosecutor.

“You are the enemies of the people and we are you going a for a kill’, said the caller, according to the indictment against him. He used the term ‘fake news’, also the words that the president often used. The defendant was referring to Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor that Russian interference in the elections of 2016 will investigate, an investigation that Trump and his environment in close shoes.

“Everyone has a right to his opinion, but it’s threatening to people to kill him, exceeds a limit and will not be tolerated,” said agent Harold Shaw of the FBI.

On August 16, published in newspapers throughout the U.S., on the initiative of the Boston Globe, commentaarstukken to the freedom of the press to defend. Just that day ran in the Boston Globe one of the most remarkable calls within. There were bommeldingen within.

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Trump also made Thursday a couple times to critical media via Twitter. He denied that chaos reigns in the White House, where the coming and going of employees, and did the media this messages as ‘fake news media’. He reiterated, moreover, that the media are the enemies of the people.

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