Lale Ki Lolu, new friends on BabyTV

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Do you have a little one in the house that occasionally like to BabyTV??? This station for the little ones is packed with music, colour, stories and games. From september 3 to get the small kijkertjes there are also new friends: Lale Ki Lolu!

If Charlie and the Numbers, Draco, and Billy and BamBam for you no unknowns, you will probably also want to get to know Lale Ki Lolu.

In this sweet, brand new programme of BabyTV, two friends, Lale and Lolu, on an adventure in a magical world created especially for them in life is called. They go out in the world to explore, from ancient Egypt to the Far East, and talk to each other on the basis of sounds. This allows toddlers and preschoolers to their own imagination to the work and the story complete.

BabyTV is a channel around the clock commercial-free programs broadcasts specifically for children up to four years. Each hour on BabyTV is a colorful, surprising journey full of stories, songs, verses and a lot of cute figures.

Lale Ki Lolu start on Monday 3 september on Baby TV. This transmitter is included in the basic offer of Proximus TV. This transmitter is for Proximus TV on channel 130 in Flanders and on channel 158 in Brussels.


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