Josh Brolin announces engagement daughter to

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The star is within a few months, for the third time, father.

Actor Josh Brolin is expected to supplement his growing family – a new son-in-law.

The star of Deadpool 2 and his wife Kathryn Boyd announced her pregnancy in may (18) and the 50-year-old now has a wedding to look forward to. His 24-year-old daughter, Eden, is engaged to Cameron Crosby.

When he Thursday (30 aug18) the happy news announced on Instagram, placed Josh a photo of the bride to be a kiss with Crosby shared after the film star had asked for Eden’s hand in marriage.

“He (Crosby) called me on the phone, sad that he wasn’t there in person they could,” recalled the actor. “He stuttered sweet by his first sentences “I love your daughter. I really like your daughter”, when it started to dawn on me what was going on.

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