Jonas Van Geel stops 40-45, James Cooke replaces him

7fef93caf01e67d8c6ab4931d0f65994 - Jonas Van Geel stops 40-45, James Cooke replaces him

The newspapers of “media house” deal Friday with the message that James Cooke, Jonas Van Geel replaces in the spectacle-musical 40-45. Jonas Van Geel was proud that he, along with Jelle Cleymans all performances of 40-45 would play, how long the show would run but nothing is less true. The likeable actor, presenter and singer will have to 40-45 starting from January 2019 to be replaced by James Cooke. The reason for this? Jonas has too much work for television, and had to Studio 100 know that 40-45 is not in his agenda fits. Panic at Studio 100 that not only needed to find a worthy replacement for Jonas Of Yellow but also a lot of precious time have to invest in extra rehearsals. But what will Jonas Of Yellow than for television to do that he is a long-term job just to the side slide? A good question to which we will give you the answer. James Cooke look, in any case, out to 40-45. Let’s not forget that James is a musicalopleiding has enjoyed and that he was to be seen in, among other Daens and 14-18. “It took me even a while the role of Bert Verbeke on” beams James Cooke. James breaks now a particularly stressful period for Monday to start the new season of Gert Late Night until mid-October. Around the holidays is the eindejaarspecial of Gert Late Night coming and James Cooke further prepared to be the brother of Jelle Cleymans to play in 40-45. Fun addition: James Cooke should be in the 40-45 the sister of Jelle pillow. Equally nice is that James along with his friend Dorian to Pure can drive because Dorian is in the ensemble of 40-45. “How romantic is that!!!”, decision James Cooke in Gazet Van Antwerpen.

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