Imagine that huge amount a month for vagrant need money return

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PHILADELPHIA – A couple from New Jersey should be a part of the huge amount that they have picked up for a 35-year-old helpful homeless, handing. The homeless got a pittance of the 400,000 dollar that came in via GoFundMe, while the couple’s numerous trips made, and a brand new car bought.

Johnny Bobbitt had last november twenty dollars in his pocket when he Kate McClure (24) is met. They had no gasoline more and stood at the side of the road. Thanks to the helpful homeless allowed her to continue. She was very grateful and wanted something for him to do.

Together with her boyfriend, Mark D’amico (39), she started a crowdfundingsactie. Which yielded considerably more than thought. Over 14,000 people made money, a total of about 400,000 dollars. More than half of the money was issued, not by the homeless but by the users set. The man – who is already under the bridge, asleep – dragged the pair to the right.


The judge ruled Thursday that the rest of the money handed in must be. The money will be paid into an account to remain until the case is settled. The two must in detail specify what the money is done, so reports NBC. Of the huge amount would be “only” $ 150,000.

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