Herman Brusselmans under fire

dbc8912c28b5f267e0b46f589edd8f6e - Herman Brusselmans under fire

Although the piece is pure satire, Herman Brusselmans clearly on the toes of Carice and Jelka van Houten kicked. In his column for the Dutch magazine Nieuwe Revu insults Brusselmans Jelka van Houtem. “Jelka van Houten is the younger sister of Dutch actress Carice van Houten. That will her life continue to do so. Wherever she appears, and her last name is, will hundredfold be asked: “are you a sister of Dutch actress Carice van Houten?’ And often, as Jelka van Houten in the affirmative answered, someone say: ‘I don’t want to cru, but your sister is much prettier than you.”, to start the column this week. On that yet but They will come only later in his column if an old diesel locomotive on a roll. “A few years ago, she came then aankakken with her cd entitled: Hard Place For a Dreamer. Everyone said, ” Sorry Jelka, but the cd of your sister Carice is much better.’ Wow, what must that Jelka van Houten incredibly frustrated that she is the sister of Dutch actress Carice van Houten, and no doubt she has that bitch a million times to hell desirable.”
The sisters of Wood were, of course, confronted with the writings of Brusselmans and reacted, each in their own way on the social media. “Sadly, in the past he wrote fun, today it is a poor case. RIP Herman’s sense of language and humor”, responded Carice on Twitter. Her sister Jelka decided to follow in the footsteps of Carice: “Oh no worries, dear sister. It has perhaps lasted too long since the last failed sister round. In silly season is like in repetition. Fortunately, he has me had never really met because he will be in katzwijm fall. That can that poor man do not have so much charm ..”.

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