’Former right hand Palin is not welcome at the funeral McCain

WASHINGTON – The former running mate of John McCain is not invited to the ceremonies surrounding his burial. The family of the deceased senator has ex-governor of Alaska Sarah Palin through an intermediary are requested to stay away, messages of American media on the basis of anonymous sources.

John McCain and Sarah Palin on archive photo.

A source around the family of Palin told CNN “out of respect for McCain and his family” not to respond. Palin in 2008 was the vicepresidentskandidaat of McCain when he took on Democrat Barack Obama, ultimately the presidential election won. McCain made clear later regret to have had his choice for Palin.

Also, the Us president, Donald Trump is the coming weekend is not expected at the funeral of his partijgenoot. “There are two names not on the guest list: Trump and Palin,” says an insider at the magazine People. A source around the family of McCain stressed that Trump and Palin “not by guards to be detained” if they still show up.

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