European Commission decides on the fate of summer – and winter time

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The European Commission will today decide on the abolition of daylight savings time. Then also the member states and the European Parliament agree.

‘The people want that, we’ll do it, ” says commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on German broadcaster ZDF. He refers to a onlinebevraging on the issue.

More than 80 percent of the 4.6 million Europeans who last summer participated in the survey want to get rid of the half-yearly changeovers between summer and winter time. Never had names more people participate in a public consultation of the European Commission.

The Commission has always stressed that the survey is no referendum, and that the result is just one element of the research. But the result is just set aside by the recordeelname not self-evident. It would be meaningless to the people to be interviewed and then have nothing to do, says Juncker.

Will soon publish the competent European Commissioner Violeta Bulc, a report on the survey, after which consultations will begin with the European Parliament and stakeholders. Afterwards, the Commission adopted a proposal to launch by the member states and the European Parliament must be approved.

Winter or summer time?

But what is it then? Always daylight saving time, or always winter? On the question of their preference to choose a majority ensure that it is always daylight saving time, so two hours before Greenwich Mean Time. Currently we run during the winter months back in an hour, to one hour for GMT.

If we the people ask that the may know, Frank Deboosere, for example, then you will receive a plea for the winter time because that is closer reflect the real solar time (12 hours hear that right above us).

If we would not switch to winter time, it would be the morning rush hour, for example, for months in the darkness, expired. And that would increase the likelihood of accidents increase.


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