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Crypto-debates on a boat: Roger Ver and Jimmy Song discuss your Bitcoin differences

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Bitcoin-Cash-Evangelist Roger Ver and Bitcoin author Jimmy Song of “OffChain” have led, at the beginning of the year, a series of public debates on Bitcoin Cash. Now they come together in one place, to overcome their differences out of the way. To do this, you will be the debate on the third Blockchain-Cruise of the coins Bank in the Mediterranean from 7. to 11. September.

How recently announced in a Tweet, Song, and come together again, to discuss the Bitcoin Cash. Since then, the crypto currency increases and decreases in the levels of profitability, the employed, the Bitcoin-to-Cash Community is heavily experienced.

As one of the biggest problems with Bitcoin transactions, the Team behind Bitcoin Cash criticized that they were too slow. Per second seven transactions in the Bitcoin network. In contrast, processing of Visa according to Reports, about 1.667 transactions per second. As one of the main arguments in the Bitcoin-to-Cash warehouse scalability. Because Bitcoin Cash was developed to solve the Problem of scalability, and to speed up the verification process in the Blockchain. This is done with an increased block size of 32 MB, with an adjustable difficulty level, and regardless of the number of the Miner to assist him.

Ver and Song have a history

In December of 2017, interviewed Jimmy Song Ver in a YouTube live stream on the scale of Bitcoin. Ver claims that the decentralisation of the development teams to Bitcoin Cash safe, by withdrawing the Power of a Central authority. He is of the opinion that rising transaction will make the monetary cost of Bitcoin obsolete. Last June, he tweeted:

“If you think that BTC with its policy of full blocks, and the high fees will be able to hold market share, you are mistaken. This will not be so. And it is time to move on to other things.“

Song, in contrast, believes that the Changes “must see”, can be made within Bitcoin. In a before the release of Bitcoin to Cash on 1. August 2017 published article, he said that Bitcoin Cash raised more questions than answers.

In addition to the two well-known heads of the Bitcoin scene, Tony Vays will participate in the debate.

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