Criticism on Filipino president after the new joke about rape

bb6a2956880bda32bcfe2bfde8e70472 - Criticism on Filipino president after the new joke about rape

The Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, after his vrouwonvriendelijke and bagatelliserende comments about violence baking criticism about him. Duterte’s statement that the beauty of women is a reason for rape ‘is a very dangerous and unsubstantiated statement’, it sounds Friday at the Philippine vrouwenrechtengroep Gabriela.

Duterte had Thursday during a speech in the central province of Cebu in the margin of the low crime rate in the city of Davao on the island of Mindanao in the south of the archipelago, again a remarkable statement made. ‘It was said that Davao is much verkrachtingszaken. As long as there is a lot of beautiful women, there will also be a lot of rapes happen.’

This vrouwonvriendelijke statements increase the risk for Filipino women being raped, according to the vrouwenrechtengroepering. ‘A person who mass murders on innocent people approves and fun pulls off the neersabelen of women, and rapists even defends, is not suitable for the presidency.’

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said that the statements cannot seriously be taken as Duterte for his jokes known. People outside of the northern region of Luzon in the line ” a different sense of humor’ and ‘take things not so seriously’.

Duterte was in the past because of his remarks about rape earlier criticism to swallow.

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