Bombing kills separatistenleider Donetsk

11088fba6cff05715a0671ed731169ab - Bombing kills separatistenleider Donetsk

Kiev – the leader of The separatists in Eastern Ukraine, Alexander Zachartsjenko, is in the center of Donetsk with a stop to see the life come. According to local media was a bomb placed in a cafe-restaurant, a few hundred metres from his house. Zachartsjenko came often in that case. Except he would still have five other guests have been killed, including a child.

During a MH17 memorial service in Grabovo, Ukraine.

The 42-year-old pro-Russian premier of the 2014 zelfuitgeroepen people’s Republic of Donetsk (DPR) died on the way to the hospital. The minister of Finance of the region, Alexander Timofejev, survived the attack. He was injured. A DPR-adviser alleged that defendants are to be held. The borders are closed, also that with Russia.

Russia considers the murder of Zachartsjenko, a former electrician in a coal mine, as an act of international terrorism, and goes to do research. President Vladimir Putin spoke of a “dastardly action” which is intended as the fragile peace process to disrupt. Foreign Affairs in Moscow said reason to think that the government of Ukraine is behind.

Kiev responded by saying that Zachartsjenko was the victim of a controversial conflict between the insurgents themselves, and their Russian sponsors. A spokeswoman for the Ukrainian security service said that all the accusations that the Russians rondstrooien not true.

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