Bieke: “I wish that I was the clock could turn back’

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Jabbeke – the grandfather of The three children, who earlier this week by their mother were killed, says that she herself was not. “I’m not angry at her”.

The 61-year-old Peter says in The Newspaper that he recently with two of the children, Elyse (4) and Fabrice (2) a day at the beach. Arthur (3 months) stayed home. “I’m in the evening for them to eat. There seemed to be nothing to worry about. Bieke just did, as otherwise.”

Last week brought the nurse her children at home in Varsenare and did a suicide attempt by her car at a betonpijler to drive. She survived the blow and was arrested.

Father and grandfather Peter is so full of questions. “How did she do that on her heart? I am very sure that her children like to be noticed.”

Bieke W. yesterday at the court in Bruges brought. Hiding under a blanket, she was the courthouse within. There, she is about three hours long answered. “I have so many regrets. I wish I had the clock could turn back, but that’s not”, she according to the newspaper said.

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The Newspaper has spoken to sources close to the investigation who say that Bieke is suffering from a severe post-natal depression. Also her father is from. “But never has, they also only one signal in that direction. She was a bit tired, though. But what young mother, is it not? They had three children shortly after each other, of course, was that heavy. But they seemed wonderfully to deal with. The smallest was also no babies or so.”

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The father of the children, who was deeply asleep when Bieke hit, after the drama at all piece. “The medication keeps him a little bit calm,” he says. “But he is broken and that is not more than logical. He poses questions about his future. Everything is gone, everything is broken, he said to me.”

The Newspaper writes that twenty percent of mothers suffer from postpartum depression. That usually begins within 6 weeks after the birth of the baby. 1 to 2 out of 1,000 women suffers from a postpartum psychosis, a psychiatric emergency requiring immediate recognition is required because of the risk for the mother and the child.

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