Belgian nuclear reactors longer disabled

0069405359842bb3393c85d3db03a8dc - Belgian nuclear reactors longer disabled

PURPOSE – The restart of two of the four reactors of the nuclear power plant in the Belgian Objective has been postponed. Instead of October it is december, reports operator Engie Electrabel.

The reactors are in maintenance because they last longer in use than originally planned. During an inspection of reactor 1 showed that something had to be done to the reservekoelwatersysteem. As a precaution, the system of reactor 2 is being addressed.

Goal 1 is according to the new plan on december 10, in use, and Goal 2 on 31 december. The third reactor has recently got permission to after long-term maintenance to start after problems with the concrete. Number four is to mid-december still to investigate whether there also betonproblemen.

Neighbouring countries are concerned about the security of the central, near Antwerp. That also goes for the other Belgian nuclear power plant in Tihange, not far from Liege.

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