Baby neushoorntje watch over the mother who was killed for horn

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Johannesburg – An injured baby neushoorntje, that his dead mother watched, is rescued by conservationists in South africa’s Kruger National Park. The white rhino was killed by poachers, who were out on her horns, and during the struggle, her baby injured.

The white rhino baby, named Arthur, was next to his dead mother, found. He had an arrow of a hunter in his ribs, and severe injuries to his back and feet.


Arthur was housed in an orphanage for wild rhinos. He is ’Arthur the brave’(brave Arthur), because he is so loyal remained to his deceased mother. The bug is likely to be as injured as his mother tried to save from the poachers. So reports the Daily Mail.

Arthur is housed in an orphanage for rhinos.

Arthur is pining for the love of his mother. Every day, said he noodkreten, in the hope that his mother will appear. “It is heartbreaking. A baby should never have the need to feel”, said once of his guardians.

Prince Harry

The English Prince Harry is an ambassador of the organization where Arthur now by is provided. Employees of an English zoo, the young white rhino “adopted” and reimburse the costs of Arthur’s rehabilitation.

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