Australia wants visa Chelsea Manning refuse

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New Zealand has Friday paved the way for a series of lectures by the American whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Unlike neighboring Australia, New Zealand does not intend her to refuse a visa.

The New Zealand immigration service confirmed Friday that a special instruction applies to Manning, so that the hair is free to apply for a work visa in New Zealand. Next week there are two lectures of her on the program.

Manning is a former inlichtingenanalist of the army during the war in Iraq. They leaked thousands of secret military and diplomatic documents in 2010 through Wikileaks. She was convicted and spent 7 years in a military prison. US president Barack Obama eased her sentence of 35 years in prison in 2017, just before he resigned. But because of her no grace was given, her condemnation still.

The New Zealand immigration service ruled that they have no new facts has been committed since its release. The chance that this would happen in New Zealand is therefore considered to be remote.

Sydney Opera House

The organiser of her tour, Think Inc., said Thursday that it is a message received from the Australian ministry of Foreign Affairs which stated that the her a visa for Australia wants to refuse. “We are very disappointed that the ministry of Foreign Affairs opts for this approach, and we will strongly bet that they Australia within can,” said director Suzi Jamil from Think Inc.

Manning would be Sunday to speak at the Sydney Opera House. It is the beginning of five lectures in Australia and New Zealand.

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