Army of Myanmar sets Rohingya in bad light with false photos

797e3820b947ca7dc2fb108ec226dc8e - Army of Myanmar sets Rohingya in bad light with false photos

The army of Myanmar has a book on the Rohingya crisis to be released. Reuters could figure out that some of the photos therein are false.

Some of the photos in the book, but actually in other history books at home. But the captions for the cloudy pictures distort the image and the story behind the photos.

One of those photos floating two seem to be on the water. According to the accompanying caption that Myanmarezen (local ethnics) who were murdered by Rohingya (in the book invariably ‘Bengal’, to the Rohingya to portray as illegal immigrants). Reuters showed that this picture in fact was taken during the independence war of Bangladesh in the beginning of the seventies. The corpses in the water are so Bangladeshis, which in this case were murdered by Pakistanis.


Another photo in the book (see above) was even taken on a different continent. In the photo we see a large group of people on the flight. The black-and-white representation of the original image suggests that, taken in the late 40’s. The caption let claims that it is going to Bengal, that is Myanmar going in during the British colonial regime. But what is actually on the photo, are the Hutus during the bloody genocide fifty years later, to escape from their country.

The third photo was actually in Myanmar taken. The caption says that the people on the boat Rohinya that Myanmar coming in, but that is not the case. The boat is cynical enough, just the other side from: the Rohinya flee away from their country.

Reuters asked in vain for a response to the army of Myanmar. A senior official of the ministry of Information wanted to nor comment, he said that he didn’t read the book. The book is on sale at various places in Yangon, the commercial capital of the country.


The stories in the book are based on the messages of the information unit of the Burmese army, which especially on Facebook is active. The unit post since the beginning of the crisis, messages from the point of view of the army. Facebook, accused the platform already because, according to the socialenetwerksite ethnic and religious tension would trigger.

To the great annoyance of the United Nations to handle Facebook until the beginning of this week on the many haatberichten. It has around twenty military accounts permanently deleted. All together they reached that toxic accounts, 12 million Myanmarezen.

Furthermore, the population in the book is portrayed as a terrorist group. They would, according to the Burmese authorities for their own state to call in Rahkine, a province in Myanmar.

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