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Alfonso Cuarón is not set up with the criticism of Netflix deal

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At the Venice film festival presented the Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón (‘Gravity’) last Thursday, ‘Roma,’ his latest film. Netflix has been the distributor of the film. When the “oscar” Italian during the press conference there, a critical question about got, that was not in good earth.

With Roma reverses the filmmaker back to Mexico City at the beginning of the seventies. Drawing on personal memories of his childhood, he paints a moving portrait of a nanny, she is the beating heart of a doktersfamilie.

Cuarón adhered to itself, the camera impresses with handsome images in soft black-and-whites. He opted for wide shots and to the environment. Compared to the actors, he keeps a certain distance. “I wanted the images lens. I wanted to not judge. One is not more important than the other; also that I wanted to show.’

A journalist noted that it is remarkable to with Netflix in the sea to go. Or than the beauty of the images is not cancelled when the film will soon be on the small screen is looking at?

‘Netflix will have the film in the US in a lot of states in the cinema. I find it rather unfair of you to now as to propose’, said the filmmaker korzelig. ‘You should also be aware that film distribution is a complex story. Roma is a Spanish film about the indigenous people, filmed in black and white. It is not a genre film. That are factors that makes it extra difficult to make.’

“The film is shot in 65mm format. Of course it is ideal to view on the big screen, that is obvious. But the most important still is that the film has an impact, doesn’t it? Also when he is no longer in the halls running, you do not want that which is lost. I am Netflix very grateful that they are Roma them.’

Producer David Linde: “Look, the job of a producer is very complex. Of course we want the movie in the halls to watch, but at the same time, we would like to reach millions of people. I myself have two tienerzonen. It is naive to believe that the audience the film won’t review it as it wishes.’

Cuarón, again: ‘When saw you the last time a film by Antonioni or Fellini in the movie theater? Look at you now also at home on a much smaller screen. It is not a clash between two formats. It is simply our job to find what in these times is working and what film supports.’

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