Women get “morning after” pill after storming prison

0a141dd5df1f891605db10845f41435b - Women get "morning after" pill after storming prison

PERTH – Female prisoners have in Perth the morning-after pill given after male prisoners with the vrouwencomplex had attacked, smashed and invaded. What happened is, is still a mystery.

On photos is a huge havoc. There seems to be an earthquake to have occurred, but the gang at the Daily Mail is to see, it turns out to be caused by a massive assault.

“They climbed on the roofs, struggled their way inside, broke all the windows, put furniture in a fire,” said an employee in the foreign media.

The Australian ministry has confirmed that the pill, to prevent pregnancy, has been distributed to dozens of female prisoners at the Greenough Regional Prison. According to the women, there has been no sexual violence. The authorities want to confirm or deny this.

It is the largest outbreak in the history of the Australian prison system. In total were ten prisoners actually escape. They are all now found and arrested. They get probably new penalties, on top of the punishment that they should already be serving.

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