Woman dumps sick dog at groomer

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Massachusetts – police in The American town of Massachusetts is looking for a woman who, through the use of a fake name, her sick dog was dumped at a groomer.

The old English bulldog by his owner and dumped in a groomer.

The woman, who herself Melanie Wichester called, brought her English bulldog last week at the groomer for a haircut, to him then to fate, and not more.

An animal rights organisation in the same city is now in cooperation with the police looking for the woman that the dog is dumped. So reports the Daily Mail.

The dog, who according to the wife listens to the name William Katz, had suffered from ulcers and such severe ear infections that the vet recommends for the animal to operate. It is not clear why the woman the dog has been dumped. Possible to the high cost of the vet to avoid.

Camera images

The police let us know that the name ’Melanie’ on it, is not right. The camera images from the salon have now been released.

Bulldog William stay still in the salon, but will soon be transferred to the Long Island Bulldog Rescue shelter. There will be the dog to have infections treated and later put up for adoption specified.

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